Presso comes from the Italian word for a quick, single cup of coffee – made ‘expressly’ for one – espresso. Containing all the qualities – depth and complexity – of a coffee bean in a single pull, an espresso is the essence of coffee.

We’re here to provide great ambiance and excellent coffee, and look forward to instating ourselves as a hub for culture in Flushing: hosting art exhibitions, inviting artists to display their work, holding readings and charities, and other events.

Our Coffee

Roasting is one of the most significant parts of brewing or pulling a good cup of coffee. We choose Stumptown for their flavor and ethical practices. They choose to highlight what makes particular varietals sing – with consistency.

Our aim at Presso is to prepare your coffee with the same amount of care and insight that our roasters, Stumptown, put into roasting it, and that’s saying something significant. Our coffee beans come from farmers who use ecologically and socially sustainable practices, helping to support a healthy ecosystem and provide a fair living for their workers. These are the only farms that can produce the high quality coffee we use. The care that goes into growing, shipping, and finally roasting the coffee is reflected in the flavor of the coffee we brew for you at Presso.

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